ZERO ENERGY HOME systems are a combination of renewable energy sources, which include:

  • Geothermal energy,
  • Solar thermal energy,
  • Photovoltaic systems,
  • Wind power,
  • Under floor heating - cooling, etc

HERON CONSTRUCTION SA, is one of the few companies that has been successfully applying the «Zero Energy Home» energy systems in our country.

Like everything in nature, all buildings have an energy balance, which means, amounts of energy that are lost and won constantly.

In a building where we apply the sophisticated Zero Energy Home systems, the energy balance is determined in such a way that we don’t need more energy beyond what we get from our renewable energy sources.


Depending on the building, location, subsoil, climate, and other important parameters, HERON CONSTRUCTION SA carries out a series of studies that combine the above mentioned energy applications and undertakes its installation.